The Green Reefer's Pot Head Karaoke - Classic songs we all love with a marijuana twist

"Get High Marijuana Music"



Sung to the tune of "C.R.E.A.M" by Wu-Tang Clan

With Apologies to The Wu-Tang Clan


Cannabis, Rules, Everything, Around, Me


Get the money

We wanna couple pounds, y'all


I woke up on the wrong side, no bud bedside

Today getting high was a jive

Used my hands, bummed bus fare from the old man

So now I'm going to the Shaolin land

No bud from the youth, rockin the gold tooth, woulda got goosed

Only the way I can "dream" was to dream

So I blaze it like this son, rollin up a fat one

And that one, pullin bong hits fun

But it was just a dream, you see, was I a fiend

Miss smokin Mary it's four sixteen

The subways running late, and getting high is at stake

Thinking about the fire escapes

No question God speed, it's four twenty with no weed

The combination made my eyes bleed

No question I was about to blow up, but theres my connect

Smokin the green up in all courts

My life got better cause I'm rocking the cannabis sweater

Time to puff forget the weather

Smokin out I take the wrong route

But this sick ass click pulls her bong out

Catchin smiles from across seas

Rollin up the THC, now every week I'm her G

So better respect mine, cause I'm smoking the kind

Ch-chick-POW! Blazing on our first date now


Cannabis, Rules, Everything, Around, Me


Get the money

We wanna couple pounds, y'all


It's four twenty- it been months of strugglin

Survival of my pot plants got me buggin, the buds on arrival

I peep the shape of leafs

Time to wake and bake, damn this bud stinks

A man with a strains and dream to make C.R.E.A.M.

Cultivating my plants, I got pounds, 15.

A young buck with a green thumb never had so much

Trying to cure what the man could not... would not...

Big Pharm plays us short, and the cops want incarceration

Pacin - out growing the state's my destination

Handcuffed in back of a bus, the man has some of us

Obtaining your medicine shouldn't be so ruff

Let the plant grow, it can make you well

Liars who seek self gain, make smoking a living hell

Everyday I blaze, fuck the Jakes, givin chase back to home base

selling bricks in their staircase

Though I don't know why you wouldn't smoke grass

It helps with everything, that's why I'm never depressed

But you're depressed, and I ask what for?

I'm ready to give back so I dig up Old Earth

Planting cannabis seeds will help you maintain

to overcome heartaches I also suggest Mary Jane

We got tai stick in push up pops, and krypto rocks

and just regular ol pot, but of it smokes when fuego gets it hot

Roll up the green with me, and we'll blaze truth

To kick the proof to the uninfected youth

But TVs running wild selling us cigs and beer

And ain't no one trying to hear what I'm kickin in their ear

Rejected, and how, but now we're gonna be accepted

So Blaze it up, forget that life is hectic