The Green Reefer's Pot Head Karaoke - Classic songs we all love with a marijuana twist

"Get High Marijuana Music"



Sung to the tune of The Beatles "Come Together"

with apologies to The Beatles


Here come ol' Green Reefer he come grooving up slowly

He got blood shot eyeball from his holy rollin'

The Sativa has hair down to his knee

Got to be a Stoner cause he smokes where he please


Six-Pack need no shoeshine won't play no football

He got the funky finger [SNIFF!] don't drink no coca-cola

He say "I dig you, you dig me",

One thing I need is a beer that is free

Blaze together, right now, PASS IT TO ME


Boulet bags production he been smokin walrus gumboot

He got John an Ono chillin on a saltly cracker

The Indicia has hair down below his knee

Blazin' Pineapple Armchair can cure your disease

Blaze together right now PASS TO ME


Run away roller-coaster. They get early warning

Theres something in the water use their mojo filter

He say "You an me, and the Reefer is three"

Got to be hot boxin' 'cause it's so hard to see

Blaze together right now PASS IT TO ME